Friday, November 25, 2005

Xbox 360: Reality Or Hype? reports that Ebay is buzzing with activity both for buyers seeking a missed opening day opportunity as well as sellers who are looking to take advantage of the hype to get in on what is probably the biggest gaming news of the year.

There were over 14,000 listings at midday Friday with prices that pushed the bounds of supply and demand. Three would-be sellers listed asking prices above the $1 million and prices in excess of $10,000 were common. One seller was asking $2 million, but offered to bundle the Xbox 360 with 1950s-era vacation home in central Pennsylvania. Another promised the proceeds would go into his baby daughter's college fund and included a picture of the tot.

With prices as stupid as that, it really begs the question why would someone pay such a premium for a gaming console that is also receiving bad press about possible hardware and software bugs.


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