Monday, November 21, 2005

Zero-Day IE Exploit Takes Control of PCs

There's nothing better to start your Monday off than to hear about a zero-day exploit on IE which, believe it or not, affects even fully patched machines up to last night.

Just another day that I'm more than happy to be on Apple's Safari or Firefox.

Exploit code for a critical flaw in fully patched versions of Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser has been released on the Internet, putting millions of Web surfers at risk of computer hijack attacks.

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Blogger Jorgie said...

OMG, someone is going to launch CALC.EXE on my machine!!!!!

RTFA - It allows them to start a process, that is it...

BTW it also crashes FireFox but you did not mention that. Gee I wonder why...

11:39 PM, November 21, 2005  
Blogger Nanboya said...

The reason? Because I don't even bother with a PC... the issue at hand is really the fact that Windows is really the root of the issue.

8:45 AM, November 22, 2005  

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